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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a new life. The world where it is possible to be the thief, the robber, the hitman — or habitually to go to save the Universe from the hung mystical threat. Or not to go, chuck in everything and just to locate in a small cozy lodge in the most northern point of Tamriel, to make family. It is useless to describe everything that here is possible, it is important to understand that there are no restrictions any. Developers do not interpose in your matter, but give one million opportunities. It is the real ROLE-PLAYING game in the most correct value of this word.

At Bethesda Softworks it turned out to create the most convincing, the setting worked and “close” to people for all history of a The Elder Scrolls series. Business here at once in everything — in graphics, in the ENT specialist, in the art design which is smartly processing the Scandinavian motives. At the same time the Skyrim also such quantity of content was filled that it is possible to speak about hundreds of hours of a gameplay quietly.

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At first, however, it is necessary to decide on a floor, race and appearance of the character — everything as we got used both in TES, and in other role-playing games. Further, probably, prison? So TES games traditionally begin. Well, almost. Your hero is carried on an execution together with some rebellious beggars, but in lists of his name for some reason it does not appear. Hm what to do: to deal with a mistake? Long … Just it is better to execute together with all — extrajudicially! The benefit (not for residents, but for us) misunderstanding is interrupted by a huge firedrake: panic, the destroyed houses, puffs and long-awaited freedom.

From this point it is possible to join insurgents, to begin to advocate the regional interests of the Empire, to go to save Tamriel from ancient threat or forever to forget about the main story line and to go to explore the world.

And what world! Skyrim, without questions, the most beautiful role-playing game today.

The new cursor of Creation Engine manages to give such heart-breaking landscapes that sometimes you do not even believe that all this perfectly works iron of six-year prescription. It is corrected and many errors — people became similar to people (remember what with it was hell in Oblivion), and vaults got rid of the press copy and paste. And in general it is difficult to describe words everything that happens in Skyrim from purely esthetic point of view. Birches, snowdrifts, frosty rivers and snow-storm! In the violent mountain river it is possible to catch fish until at other coast the same engaged a bear! To hunt elks and wolves, to sew clothes from skins and to eat exclusively a pasture. There is even a wonderful opportunity to eat too much mushrooms and to roll flatwise in the clean floor — certainly, is exclusive in the scientific purposes!

Play Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC
Play Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC

At the same time in terms of mechanics of changes there is not a lot of though all of them are quite serious. Now it is possible to appoint weapon and spells to both hands and to shuffle in any convenient sequence. From obviously convenient combinations — being a magician to shoot fire and electricity at the same time. Or to take in each hand on a huge orochy yataghan. From more extravagant methods — a sword in one hand and a spell in another.

Fights became more free, at the same time is more spectacular and more dynamic. But if you the advocate of swords, axes and boards, then big differences with Oblivion do not notice — the same plain system “blow block”. And stealth system all-same curve and too conditional: the nasty inscription “You Were Noticed” can appear even if in a radius of one hundred meters there is nobody at all.

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So I advise to look towards magic and onions — turn a game into medieval shooter and it will become far more pleasant!

The role system in the basis remained faithful to the roots (you still pump over skills in process of their use), but received upgrade in the form of perok. You not just raise conditional parameters like “One-handed weapon” or Reserve — you also buy concrete skills with each new level. That is for one level it is possible to increase damages from two-handled swords, to become less susceptible to spidery poison or, you never can tell, to invest in skill of trade and to sell out the stolen good at the fabulous prices.

Successful hybrid of a traditional RPG system and classics familiar since Morrowind.

Play for free games online - Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
Play for free games online – Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

In general Skyrim is a constant choice, a game does not limit freedom in any way, all vaults, all cities, all locations are open at once and will remain such till the end of the game. It very often plays itself: dragons in a random way attack the cities, huge mammoths and forest giants protect the possession, and citizens quite convincingly represent life.

The Radiant Quest system helps to construct around the “live” world an interesting story. If brings you in some syuzhetno important cave in which you will “accidentally” find the artifact stated in the scenario, a game adequately will react to it and slightly will correct a story line. Moreover, special mechanisms generate own stories! It in addition to one million activities registered by developers.

In many The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim nearby left the predecessors and their canons, but it is certain the best RPG with the open world since Fallout 3. Huge, deep, from incredibly thinly worked Universe and to tears the beautiful world. Well, and traditionally fashion over the years will make it even better.

And still she something imperceptibly reminds Morrowind — in Skyrim, despite severe climate and unfriendly locals, there is a wish to go right now. Take a vacation at work, wait for winter vacation at school and the university, put aside all other releases of fall — but do not miss this game at all.