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Equip a farm with animals and make it prospering! You will organize economy and decide what animals to part. To you to choose what houses for animals to repair, and where to expand a farm. Make a farm of the biggest and impressing in the village! Play a new fermerskourozhayny game of the Zynga company!

  1. • In this fruitful game it is necessary to choose from hundreds of animals, including exotic, like alpacas and to collect a collection! Each breed milks unique a product, for example, eggs or wool. Products can be sold, exchanged or sent in the order that will allow to improve a farm. Various products: saddles, cream, bacon, mushrooms, sheep or buffalo milk, feathers, horse hair!

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  1. • You breed animals, you raise cubs and you find new breeds: shteynbakhsky goose, emu, cow tudanka, blue peacock, Guinean pig, burbonsky turkey or red macaw! In this free farmer game each new breed makes the rare products helping to develop a farm!
  2. • You raise favourite exotic animals: Emden geese, shortgornsky cows, brown alpacas, fiery lamas, hedgehogs, red squirrels and American peyntkhors!
  3. • On a farm there are hundreds of unique jewelry, architectural styles, dresses for workers and other. And you, both working, and animal will be satisfied! The adventure will be completely on your taste!
  4. • Weather brings benefit too. Learn a weather forecast and plan a campaign for fishing or time for landings so that to receive a maximum of a harvest of hay and other.
  5. • Cook and sell dishes: bread, carrot cakes, apple pies, mushroom pizza, baked pudding with a tuna, a paella with seafood and other!
  6. • In this free game you should gather a team of workers: from strong woodcutters to talented cooks who will help you. Increase their level that they had new skills, and it was easier for them to work.
  7. • Fill up a collection with exotic types: brown and polar bear, penguin, brown and red kangaroo, polar fox, feneky, red fox, red panda, gray and black wolf, marsh, freshwater and grifovy turtle, skunk, Tibetan fox, zolotovolosy penguin and elephant!
  8. • Join community and participate in actions to receive new animals and special objects for development of a farm.
  9. In this free game it is necessary to build a livestock farm and to part unique breeds of animals. Build, part and put free of charge!
  10. • Use of this application is carried out on the basis of Conditions of provision of services of the Zynga company which are available in the section “License Agreement” below and on the page.

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    • This game is distributed for free, however in the application it is possible to buy additional game materials and in-game currency.
    • This game allows users to be connected to social networks (for example, Facebook) thanks to what they can communicate during the game with other people. Also terms of use of social networks can be applied.

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