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Dragonscapes Adventure — the beautiful and fascinating casual project with adventures, researches of new territories, performance of tasks and mini-games. Players will help the main character and her friends to survey the tropical island that is a shelter for dragons. Which different types very freely feel among its thickets. It is necessary to build the house here, to improve an adjacent location, to get acquainted with all winged creations, to solve ancient secrets and many other things. Fans of high-quality and slow entertainments will perfectly spend time by means of a gameplay of this game.

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Dragonscapes Adventure – the adventure simulator with bright registration of locations where we will play for the girl by the name of Miya who went to the mysterious island. On a game Miya plot – the adventurer and the researcher to whom all is interesting new and novel. Go to the abandoned island and help the main character with construction of the new house.

Download Dragonscapes Adventure on pc

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The gameplay in many respects reminds all projects executed in this genre. The main character first will not have anything, it is necessary to explore the island and to collect useful resources. A tree, stones, plants, various fruit, berries and many other things will help Miye to survive on the unknown island. To help with performance of interesting tasks and construction of the house to you there will be dragon darlings living on the island. Each of them is unique as externally, and level, than level is higher, especially the dragon will be able to carry out difficult tasks. By the way, when finding two pets, identical on level, they can be united to receive one, but more powerful dragon.

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The level of your settlement is higher, the more interesting tasks will open for performance. For example, it is necessary to grow up vegetables and fruit, grain, to build missing constructions and to prepare food for fire-spitting pets. You are waited by the huge open world, bright graphics, dozens of interesting tasks, constructions and the lovely dragons ready to come to the rescue at any time.

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