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Dragon Storm Fantasy is a mobile role-playing game with 3D graphics which was issued by the developer of strategy War and Magic. The plot tells about the elected hero. He will battle against dangerous enemies, will find crystals and will save the earth of the Arcus. On the way it is accompanied by fantastic assistants. They help to undergo hundreds of battles, to perform heavy tasks and to destroy the main villain.

Game Rewiev

Game was developed by the GOAT Games company. The free application of Dragon Storm Fantasy can be downloaded on the computer, Android and iOS. Russian is supported. The technical support sits in Facebook.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Plot

Demons intruded in the Divine Kingdom under Baal’s leadership. In fight with them Gods suffered series of defeats.

Seven dragons to save the last hope, in common opened time and space. Through a break they came to the peaceful world the Arcus. The space border closed communication with other spaces. It prevented distribution of war on this place.

Later, they combined efforts to create the hilly area, the rivers and oceans. Soon there was a dispute on whether it is necessary to create lives. Mythical beings didn’t cease to consider it. After painful torments they created People, Elves, the Gnome, Orkov, to Indulge also Fey. Under their protection the races lived in harmony, developed, formed the cities and built a civilization.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Invasion

Peace times ended. War reached the Arcus. Demons got through cracks in border and brought infinite accidents. Divine dragons resisted of Power of demonic army was too big.

Five defenders offered themselves. They turned bodies into the seals to block breaks. In the millennia their force gradually dissipated. The press collapsed. Again nothing constrained demons.

Before death the dragons hid crystals. The prophecy speaks about the electee. It will find them, will awaken to Sil Dushi and will become the new savior of the world.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Characters

On start you choose a class:

  • The soldier, the king of the battlefield, – the main board of army. With an indestructible sword in hands it is ready to fight for good eternally.
  • The magician dominates over the battlefield. He subordinates to elements a wave of a staff and directs their loss to opponents.
  • The dexterous archer hunts for production in darkness. Its purpose won’t leave live.

There are no settings of appearance. You are given three fixed avatars. The soldier and the Magician – men, and the Archer – the woman. It disappoints and complicates immersion.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Gameplay

The first hours will pass saturated. You will face the bewitched prince of elves, treachery of the Supreme priest and attack at a wedding. In a way of the hero the whining, but fairy godmother Aymi and the excentric gnome Manning accompanies.

Charge you search of crystals. They will open new ability – transformation. This turn doesn’t allow Dragon Storm Fantasy to become the next mobile RPG. Strange, but the character under the influence of ability temporarily turns into the powerful female magician.

The first the divine dragon of a frost appears. It raises a loss on the purposes nearby and slows down them. It covers with the ice attacks group of opponents.

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Divine dragon of a frost

The second the elf in green clothes who symbolizes life opens. He is able to battle and restore a part of health during the embodiment.

Early levels are easily passed. They remind the expanded management more. It opens functions, trains and describes ways to increase fighting power. The user interface shows you dozens of ways of increase in force, including a training of partners, battles with monsters and pumping of skills.

In a smithy you will check equipment and you activate improvements. Equipment will add a bonus to the parameter of the attack, health or protection. The higher it level, the more coolly looks effect of aura. High-level things shine and call salivation players on the server.

For movement you will be given racers. They or look as a tank in armor, or call fear. Will present to the beginner a horse. In a game the velotsiraptor, Peko similar to Chokobo from the Final Fantasy series, a hippopotamus and a massive griffin meets. They aren’t involved in battle, but their feeding increases power.

Guards aren’t afraid to soil hands and to rise near the owner in a fight. The nice fairy will be the first partner.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Pumping

Components for improvements give for tasks and participation in events. You will get additional experience, gold and objects in the autonomous mode.

Awards in AFK charge for term till 12 o’clock. The separate icon is gradually filled with wealth and shows Loot’s number. Healthily to learn in the morning that the hero grew up and found cool equipment in a night.

Marriage brings a lot of experience. You should reach the 175th level to marry. It will take 2-4 days.

The second condition – Proximity of the 3rd Ur. – 1314. It is swung in tests for couples and romantic gifts. Flowers meet in daily quests.

The wedding is reserved at NPC Anvina Starlight. Money for it is subtracted at one partner. For reservation give gift sets and invitations. Future spouses send invitation cards to friends and distribute gifts on a parade.

Two affianced players organize a wedding ceremony in 16:30-18:00 or in 22:30-23:59. 20 minutes are given on preparation.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Guild

After the accession to the union you are forbidden to battle against his members, but access to gildeysky tasks, to offers, technologies, a well and shop appears. You will participate in actions with cool awards.

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