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Dragon Championships — is a unique development for players of all ages who are able to control their home computer. This toy is designed to be played with gadgets, however, it can be played on a computer for free. To do this, you need to download and install Dragon Championships from a unique application for all PCs – Bluestacks.

Game Rewiev

Played 2 years from the moment of an exit games, and she managed to grow up from sample mobile RGP in the interesting project with the mechanics and features. What do Dragons differ from couple of dozen similar projects in? Went to understand!

The first steps

In the familiar way, same as well as in other RPG, the prompter conducts us on the first levels campaigns. Training is quite short what to us it is obvious on a hand — to whom will want to listen to ten times how to use skills in fight if it and is so clear? Couple of starting locations, steam of new heroes, and here, we already appear on free bread, and we choose where to go and how to develop.

It would seem, it is time to begin to improvise, but a game pushes us to develop orks. It is possible and deviate from a way which to us is offered by developers, but it will significantly slow down receiving the first legendary hero and the general progress on the account.


Dragon Champions smartly works even at the budgetary phone numbers 2-3 of summer prescription that pleasantly surprised. A game is quickly loaded, drawdowns fps are not observed, transitions between scenes also smooth. Does not strain also the amount of updates.

The maximum speed of fight — x4. On it small logs are already noticeable, and animation becomes antsy. However, if to slow down fight to x2, then the smoothness of the picture is restored. Here already the choice of everyone — quickly and with antsy animation or slightly more slowly, but it is beautiful. Most likely, after few weeks of a game you will already be interested only speed.

Problems with performance can arise also at a long game (more than half an hour). Of course, it is not really pleasant, but restart helps. It is unlikely in it there is a big fault of developers. As the skilled player, I can tell that it occurs in any game on the Android. Perhaps, on the Apple phones a situation another.

Let’s sum up the results of analysis of a technical part. A game is optimized on 4+. Huge advantage — the speed of x4 which is not in the majority of similar games.

Stylistics and graphics

Dragon Champions is executed in a fantasy setting. The decision quite successful and on mobile devices looks well. Game fields are decorated in couple of scenery on a background, and practically nothing distracts us from fighting process.

And here design of characters, on my taste, not really successful. They look a little ridiculously and not strongly differ from each other though and there is not a lot of heroes in a game. Especially identical color of fighters when they one race is evident. And 10 heroes in the battlefield look search.

Animation of abilities simple and pleasant, during fight is not created feelings of porridge on the screen. On the other hand, in respect of graphic design Dragon Champions has no highlight. Simply, pleasantly, but no more.

The plot is present at a game, but it is quite banal. Frankly speaking, I ceased to read these sample dialogues after couple of missions. They identical in each game also do not deserve special attention.

Fighting system

Fight takes place on a habitual step-by-step system. For determination of frequency and an order of the course the speed indicator is used. Running forward, one may say, that it will also be the main characteristic in a game on which all characters depend.

Most of heroes of Dragon Champions has 3 unique abilities with different kickbacks. It does fights variable and interesting. It makes sense to battle manually not only on the arena or fields of battles, but also during development of PVE of content. It will allow to move ahead further and to receive more awards.

Mechanics of the course

As well as in all games with course strip mechanics, in Dragon Champions, heroes who can manipulate it are highly appreciated. To slow down enemies and to accelerate allies often much more effectively, than to impose effects of control. By the way, in a game there is not a lot of them. Devocalization remains quite rare and valuable skill. Often, the most effective tactics it will be simple not to allow to make the course to the enemy at the expense of the speed of the heroes.

System of bonuses and penalties

The quantity and a variety of mechanics in a game pleasantly pleased. In Dragon Champions there is a mass of the bonuses and penalties influencing different parameters of heroes. Especially interestingly the fact that each hero imposes a bonus of a certain force. To be analysed in all mechanics of a game it was difficult.

Imposing of penalties depends on a habitual sheaf accuracy resistance. What is interesting, in a game it is not so simple to reach transcendental values of one of these parameters so penalties on heroes of equal level are imposed not always. It does fights by more various

Also there is a wish to note display of effects. It is made conveniently and informatively though sometimes and occupies the lion’s share of the screen.

Pumping and customization of heroes

There is not a lot of heroes in a game, but they are various. It is interesting that the maximum level of the hero is limited to the player’s level. It pushes us evenly to develop team, but not to put everything in one character. Because of it fights at any stage of a game turn out interesting.

And here with customization of heroes in Dragon Champions the situation is not really. Things, level, development of abilities — all this only evenly increases the fighter’s parameters. At you it will not turn out to choose between the attack and accuracy if the hero becomes stronger, then in everything gradually.

The only thing which allows to change somehow characteristics in any given party — runes. But also here everything is not so interesting. The runes giving speed are appreciated most much the others therefore it is necessary to place emphasis only on them. The rest undertakes not from good life.

Receiving legendary heroes

In Dragon Champions it is always possible to receive only one legendary hero — Solius. The event on it is available since the beginning of a game, and that to close it, the pumped-over orks are necessary. For this reason all players are recommended to begin with them.

On other legendary heroes of an event pass according to the schedule. It means that if you passed or could not pass up to the end test on the necessary character, then before the following attempt it is necessary to wait for several months. Quite unpleasantly, but everyone has an opportunity with guarantee to receive all characters, let and not so quickly.

Game activities

We habitually spend the most part of time in a campaign. Them here a little, and everyone is passed by heroes of a certain race. In campaigns primary resources — things and splinters of heroes are got.

The second option of PVE of content — runic campaigns. As it is not difficult to guess from the name, in them runes are got. For them there is a separate energy.

The tower where more valuable resources are got becomes the following step. It is passed once a day, but there are two levels of complexity. In idle time strength of monsters static, and here in difficult it depends on development of your account. Because of it on start it is better not to call and not to pump over a lot of heroes. It is better to put emphasis on slightly certain and not to inflate the general force.

Autofight becomes available in any mission of a campaign when you close it on 3 stars. For this purpose it is necessary to pass a tower 60 times. What is especially important for a mobile game, automatic fights take place instantly and you receive production at once. It is not necessary to observe how habitual heroes every time pass the same.

Gildeyskiye put

Even in the first days you will be able to get without problems to strong guild. The thing is that a game stimulates to take beginners. For them in guild every day give the 800th energy.

How to download free games on PC?

In guild there are raids and the clan boss. Awards are given to all who participated in an event. Raid takes place the whole week, and the clan boss is updated once a day. From them some of the most valuable resources in a game are got.

Events and tournaments

They, in general, same, as well as in other games. For several days it is necessary to pass certain missions, for as awards are given.

In tournaments you compete with other players. They pass in server limits. There will be several fights in day during which it is necessary to gain the maximum quantity of points and, whenever possible, to win first place. But also here everything is not so simple, other players, attacking you, will take away from you points.

PVP in Dragon Champions

Fights with players are divided into attacking and protective. In protection you only expose team, and she already battles automatically. In the attack you attack the similar team of the player, but can operate the manually.


Awards for the arena are given once a day. You have several fights to take the highest place, and opponents are selected the closest according to rating. It is better to attack those over which you are sure of a victory.

Fields of battles

Gildeysky option of the arena. Here each clan exposes protection on 4 objects then there comes the phase of the attack and them it is necessary to punch. The one who gained the maximum quantity of points wins. The mode is interesting that it induces guild to agree about the attack to defined points. Fields of battles give to each player the chance to reveal in team that positively affects fighting spirit. Agree, it is much more pleasant to bring a victory of the whole guild, than just to win against someone on the arena.

Game servers

The system of servers exists not in all similar games so it is worth mentioning it. Time in several days starts the new server where there begin all beginners. It creates both positive, and bad points.

The new server in Dragon Champions

The most interesting is an initial race. The first several weeks all try to give all the best on a maximum to take the leading positions on the arena and in tournaments. It is necessary to understand that among beginners there are many skilled players in Dragon Champions so to the beginner it will be difficult.

After the starting race the activity usually abates, and on servers several top clans are defined. They also collect further the most valuable awards.

Unpleasant consequences

Gradually players begin to disperse, and on the server becomes less people. Someone leaves on new in search of happiness, and someone just gives up a game. It leads to the fact that in 2-3 months the same people fight for the first places on the arena and in tournaments. Someone new appears very seldom, but it is not the most unpleasant moment.

Usually players begin to agree and create the tournament coalitions over time. The point is that 2-3 persons quickly win first place and do not attack at each other, but attack all who close approach them. If you want to receive valuable awards from tournaments, then it is necessary to adjoin one of such associations.


Where without it. Donat’s system in a game is arranged in such a way that stimulates players to buy the fighting admission. In the ratio with the price it is much more award for it, than for any other purchase. The fighting admission is enough for a comfortable game and fast development, and it costs 700 rubles.

Also on start of a game there are several favorable offers, and after the hero’s appeal always suggest to buy in addition particles to the following rank.

Other offers are much less favorable and not so strongly accelerate your development. It makes sense to Donatit at the initial stage of a game when there is a fight for rating tops on the new server, and then it is valuable unless the fighting admission.

Whether it is possible to play in Dragon Champions without Donat?

Dragons — not that game where without investments you will get stuck on the place and you will develop hardly. Over time, in half a year-year, each player will be able to gather a powerful team of heroes and it is good to pump over it. Nevertheless, at the initial stage you will lag far behind from players who invested in a game.


Dragon Champions takes the worthy place among mobile RPG. There is nothing what it strongly would lose to other projects in, and there is a lot of interesting aspects at a game.


  • good optimization;
  • pleasant graphics;
  • fast autofight;
  • various PvP system;
  • interesting mechanics of fights;
  • it is possible to play comfortably without Donat;
  • constant development of the project.


  • low variability of pumping of heroes;
  • disputable system of servers.
Whether it is worth playing in Dragon Champions

Game definitely was pleasant to me, especially on start. It quickly tightens, but, at the same time, in it it is not necessary to sit for hours. All activities in Dragons are completely carried out in 2-3 hours of a game with breaks.

In difference from many similar projects, Dragon Champions it is obviously ground under a mobile geyming. Content you will close almost all PVE on a car over time, and you should not look how phone charge flows away while your heroes for the 100-th time kill the same monster. It is convenient to play her on the way or sometimes in breaks. It is not necessary to make also any routine actions with things or heroes.

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