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Demon God — simple and interesting multiplayer role-playing game in east style in which you will go to a fascinating adventure where you will battle against numerous demons and to pump over the hero.


Demon God gameplay

At the very beginning of the game choose a class of the character from meanwhile 3 available, but one more class will be shortly added. Having chosen itself the pleasant character and having thought up him a name, you will go to travel around the wonderful fantastic world created in east style where your character will automatically enter fights with demons and other players.

Your hero will have a special VIP-status which will give it certain nail buffers. You will receive deserved points of experience for murder of each demon and by that you will be able to pump over the character. Perform various tasks and receive in an award various objects of equipment which you will be able to dress on the hero by means of one button.

Try to pump over as much as possible on the course of a game skills of the hero to become much stronger and quicker.
Besides you will be able to unite with other players that together with them to go to mysterious dangerous vaults where you should battle against artful and powerful bosses. You will be able to receive epic equipment with 5 stars for a victory over them.

Features of a game

In this game you will be able to become god or the demon everything depends only on you. Here on you wait for fascinating fighting stages on which your hero will automatically battle against terrible demons and powerful bosses.
Unite with other players and together go to investigate dangerous vaults. Pump over the hero and the soaring board which will act as your transport.


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Installing the game on a PC:
Installing Demon God on PC
Installing Demon God on PC
  • Press the button to jump;
  • Install BlueStacks on your computer;
  • Launch BlueStacks and install the game.


play now the game Demon God

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