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Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle — RPG is a game in visual style of the cyberpunk which became very relevant in connection with the future release from CD Project now. However, it is unlikely at least one mobile device is capable to pull the real copy of Cyberpunk 2077. And here to take the existing mobile mechanics and to apply to it the general style of a genre is quite realizable. You can be convinced of it, having downloaded Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG on the personal computer.

download Battle Night Cyber Squad-Idle on pc

This game looks very abruptly. Action takes place in the future, in the bright night neon city where there are cool fighters, bars, casino and there are a lot of other entertainments. But the main entertainment of the world of the future – step-by-step battles in which you operate nothing. Yes, you did not mishear – this game plays itself. Agree, in the 2020th year not to surprise with games without gameplay any more? It is sad, but such is a trend. And in many games there is an opportunity at least to choose a usage time of superblows. But in Battle Night we were deprived and it is there is only a pumping!


We saw many games which combine collecting of heroes with step-by-step battles on the arena. The famous representatives of a genre are notorious Raid: Shadow Legends, Age of Magic, Chronicles of Chaos; not so long ago the Yubisoft released Elite Squad – this project was mercilessly criticized by users. Despite abundance of similar projects, developers cannot stop the conveyor and all continue and continue to issue the same projects which, as it become seems simpler in the geympleyny plan.

Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG follows this trend – in fact, there is nothing, except collecting, pumping and excellent visual style. Heroes, locations, the city look perfectly. Superblows of fighters and their description look interestingly – there is a wish to go quicker to fight and to look what will leave them in practice. And in practice leaves that bobbleheads fight by itself, and you cannot affect in general anything – unless to increase the animation speed that this drag ended quicker, and we received well-deserved rewards.

It is possible that this game will find the audience and will become successful, it in general is executed not and it is bad for the mobile project. But it is not clear who should collect cards and to observe how heroes fight, without demanding absolutely any participation of the player. Then it is possible not to draw also fights – to what the excess useless element of a gameplay is necessary. However, we recommend not to put an end to a game and to download Battle Night on the computer – perhaps, you will have other opinion into its account.


Everything begins with short training in which the stylish assistant will bring us up to date. There is no plot per se in a game – it is not big minus, it here also is not necessary. It is much more important as fights are realized – and they are realized in any way, and it is sad.

But still it is necessary to reach fights – and for this purpose it is necessary to create the fighting team. Fighters in this game by means of club of BI – martial arts, but not something else are recruited. To get a chance to beat out fighters, it is necessary to have either covers, or crystals. Opening as agitation of cocktail looks – it is not quite clear why and what it is proved by, but looks interestingly.

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download for free Battle Night Cyber on pc

The hero who is beaten out thus gets to your holder. In fighting team there can be about six players – the structure can be chosen and changed before each new fight. Initially we are given only a couple of fighters, but for passing of the first location of a campaign of it is enough with the head.

Fights have to be the center of a gameplay, but they as we wrote above, are completely automated that kills the lion’s share of interest. Why to understand skills and characteristics of characters, not to mention their persons and descriptions if all the same we just see a stir without a possibility of participation? Plainly even not to see when also who applies what skill. In fights there is also other minus – it is possible to accelerate process only twice, and it would be desirable – at least in 4, and even in 16.

By itself, authors took care and about Donat – in a game there is a fighting admission. It is realized unconventionally, for increase in level of the admission it is necessary just to come daily. You can not battle at all, there is enough only an entrance. Thirty days – thirty levels – you the good fellow. At the same time the paid version of the admission costs 2290 rubles – very much and very many. Whether there will be persons interested to pay so much? Time will tell.

Battle Night Cyber

Installation on the personal computer

If you decided to install this application on the computer, use the android emulator – this program will be able easily to start this application on Windows. It is possible to download the emulator free of charge from our website – there is a reference to the LDPlayer installation below. This program will very simply and easily cope with installation of a game.

First of all install the emulator then follow these steps:

  1. start the program;
  2. enter into Google Play and become authorized;
  3. find a game through a search box;
  4. pass to its page and click the installation button.

Battle Night Cyber Squad-Idle RPG on the personal computer

The application label on a desktop will be soon created – start and play! The game will be controlled a mouse, for this purpose it is not required to make additional settings.
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Age of Magic is a good example of a game of a similar genre.
Ninja turtles: Legends – the step-by-step project with acquaintances since the childhood characters.


Game could turn out very abrupt at the expense of the stylistics, but the gameplay was not delivered. Therefore it is worth downloading Battle Night on the personal computer only now to admire abrupt arts in a game. Later several fights it will become for certain boring for you – and it is normal reaction to the similar project.

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