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Awaken Chaos Era – the new project from Century Games studio – authors of the King of Avalon and Guns of Glory. And if two last popular applications were run in a format of strategy, then now developers went in the footsteps of Raid: Shadow Legends. They made a collection game with step-by-step battles which can become – and will become! – automatic on pressing of the button. The scheme is not new, but there is not a lot of really abrupt projects in this genre. If you were already bothered by Raid for many years, recommend to download Awaken: Chaos Era on the personal computer. This game is created by the same principles, but here new pumping, new heroes and new calls! You are ready to accept them? Then forward!

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On mobile platforms of a game often are extremely simple on the mechanics. It is probably explained by an essence of a mobile geyming when people play ten minutes in transport and in breaks between another matters. Therefore the task of authors is to make so that at the minimum labor costs the player got a maximum of emotions.
In Awaken: Chaos Era heroes battle automatically, and the player can only choose skills and the purposes for their applications. At the same time animation of blows look very abruptly that will add showiness to fights!

Authors added to the project and a collection component. Already on start in a game there are a lot of heroes, and their total will only increase over time! Characters are divided into several categories depending on a rarity – it is designated by stars. First you will receive more heroes with two stars, but it is worth playing longer – and legendary heroes will come!

By the way, for receiving new characters the mechanics of appeals – that is, a gacha is used here. The similar scheme became popular after success Genshin Impakt – though it was widely used also to it. You cannot be sure of a gacha in advance that you receive that it is necessary for you – there is only a probability of loss of any given hero or even like heroes.

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Thus, players spend virtual currency to get a chance of receiving any given award. Many manage to lose so much real money, buying the necessary currency! We extremely do not recommend to act this way! Just it is better to download Awaken: And to look at Chaos Era on the computer that a game can offer without monetary injections.

Mechanics of a gameplay

This project possesses a considerable subject part which you will pass in short stages of a campaign. By the way, it is impossible to refuse it, the unblocking of any given new opportunities depends on an open stage. So you want or not, but it is necessary to play in the single mode – as well as to read tons of dialogues.
Also the project offers the done not miss training. It begins with launch – while the application dokachivat files, you will watch a plot and to learn to press the buttons of skills. After that the obligation will proceed until you reach a certain stage of a campaign.

Game process of Awaken: Chaos Era occurs as follows. You bring together heroes and build of them group. Then this group can go to battle with boats or groups of other players. Fights happen very simply: heroes serially attack each other, and at each of them is both the usual attacks, and additional skills and the ult. The special attacks demand several courses on reset whereas the usual attack can be used on everyone to the course.

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Besides the attacks and pumping of characters the quantity of a loss is affected by combinations of elements. On classics in a game there are three elements: Fire, Water and Tree. Different characters treat different elements. For example, Fire attacks a tree, a tree better – water, and that is fire. Respectively, and losses in such sochetniya will be more and if on the contrary – that is less. Also still there is a division on Light and Darkness.

Pumping of heroes is made by whole bunch of different ways. It is the simplest to increase level with use of special jelly. The level of the character is higher, the it is better than his characteristic. Also and in chests you can find equipment objects in fights, put them on characters and collect from them sets that will give additional effects. Equipment can also be pumped over. You will find a weight more of other ways to strengthen the hero in the menu of development of the character. So to you precisely will be, than here to be engaged.

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