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In the Universe American Dad the apocalypse approaches! Also put not as the last series of the animated film at all. Just there was a mobile game which and is called: American Dad: Apocalypse Soon. Her developers from My.Com – the international division of perfectly known to all Russian Internet users created. A game turned out rather interesting, and fans of an original cartoon serial precisely should download American Dad: Apocalypse Soon on the personal computer. Here posing and signature humour are kept, and the gameplay is quite various and interesting. So if you like to develop shelters and to let out soldiers on battles – that this game perfectly will suit you.

About a game.

What represents the mobile embodiment of the well-known cartoon serial? Authors tried to connect two styles. On the one hand, a game is constructed by the principle of the simulator of a shelter – in the spirit of Fallout Shelter. But if in the last inhabitants could be sent only to heathlands, then here inhabitants have shelters a specific objective: rescue of the city.

And for this purpose it is required to battle against forwards. Thus development of base and battle are inseparably linked. On base you pump over the soldiers, give them weapon and suits, take new beings. All this to promote further on a plot and the general card of fights.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon

The concept which is thought up by developers turned out rather interesting. And if to consider that all this is seasoned with signature humour from the original animated film, then the application becomes a good gift to fans of Daddy at all. Here you will find all familiar characters who behave as well as in a cartoon serial. Therefore a game reminds just next quite good series of a show.

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Thus, authors managed to create really quite good game. Advertizing in it was not noticed, but the donatny system is – it will allow to develop quicker. However, it is not obligatory to bring money at all. You can play American Dad: Apocalypse Soon is absolutely free and to use all its functions. And for fuller picture download American Dad: Apocalypse Soon on the computer. So the impression that you were the participant of the next series American Daddies, will even more amplify.

Game process.

Everything begins with the fact that the new player is brought up to date. The hometown of heroes of the animated film – Langley Folls – was attacked by newcomers who look as a set Rodzherov. Stan Smith’s chief urges it to solve a problem until in the city the panic began. So we pass to the first battle

It passes in a key, standard for similar games. We have several fighters who automatically shoot at rivals. The role of the player is in in time to be used superabilities. Each of them has the action and demands time for a recharge. In a word, the scheme is simple and habitual to all.

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Naturally, the first fight is won without problems, but as it appeared – it was only the distracting maneuver of newcomers. They captivated all city, and now the user should win step by step the lands back.

For this purpose in Stan’s house Roger organized base. He cloned himself, and now the set good Rodzherov will battle against a set bad Rodzherov.

The newcomer directly in the cellar of the house placed all this army. Naturally, places there not really much – expansion is required. On it money is necessary, but we have a certain starting capital. We spend it for construction of new underground rooms – kitchens, bar for Roger and bank. That the room fully earned, there it is necessary to send one of clones.

Game conducts us by delivery everything new and new quests forward. We receive awards for their performance: chests and money. Drop out of chests in addition also weapon with ammunition. They can be distributed to the fighters that they proved on fields of battles more effectively.

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Also units can train in the special hall. The training increases their indicators therefore you should not neglect this opportunity.

Having established all necessary buildings, it is necessary to go to the city again and to battle against the enemy. This time we have weaker army – the first fight was demonstration. There are no abilities yet therefore we simply observe how two fighters easily soil the next army of the opponent.

Thus, the concept of a shelter is combined in American Dad: Apocalypse Soon from step-by-step RPG. You have to find and pump over everything new clones, place them and give weapon. Subsequently they become your fighters and battle against newcomers. Together we will defend Langley Folls!
American Dad installation: Apocalypse Soon on the computer.

For start of this magnificent game on the personal computer it is necessary to install the emulator at first. The android emulators allow to play on Windows mobile games. And one of the best in this sphere is Bluestacks.

The Google Play shop from where it is easy to establish any available game is built already in this emulator. It is possible to download the program free of charge at the link in the lower part of this page. Further establish it and follow these steps:

  1. Start the program.
  2. Enter into Google Play.
  3. Become authorized, using the account of Google.
  4. Type in the search box the name of a game and pass to its page.
  5. Install the application pressing by the button.

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